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AOC AG256FS: 390Hz gaming monitor that breaks all speeds, the ultimate weapon for professional gamers.

Are you ready to conquer every game battlefield at the speed of light?

As a professional gamer, you always desire to win, always demanding the ultimate gaming experience. Understanding that, AOC brings you the super gaming monitor AOC AG256FS – Explosive power, conquering all limits!

AG256FS – Awaken the warrior instinct

Imagine you are fighting in an intense game, every move must be precise and react quickly. AOC AG256FS will make that come true, helping you break all speed limits and lead your teammates to victory!

Scanning speeds of up to 390Hz help completely eliminate image tearing and blurring, giving you smooth, sharp images in every thrilling action phase. Every frame crisply unfolds before you, enabling swift reactions and precise decision-making during critical moments. With this advantage, victory on the battlefield becomes your standard.

Not only that, thanks to the super-fast response speed of only 0.3ms MPRT, you will always be in the lead, even in the most intense combat phases. Your every action materializes instantly, allowing you to outmaneuver foes before they even register your presence.


The AOC AG256FS boasts FAST IPS technology, which outpaces conventional IPS panels by a factor of four. With a lightning-fast 1ms response time (GTG), it delivers stunning image quality, ensuring crystal-clear visuals. Clearly see all developments on the screen from all angles, helping gamers make accurate decisions in every important moment.

AG256FS – Conquer all game genres

Understanding the psychology of professional gamers who always desire to conquer every battlefield, AOC AG256FS possesses a top-notch gaming screen with a standard size of 24.5″ ESport FPS size, opening up a realistic and vivid gaming world. Perfect size for FPS Valorant, Battlefield Series, Call Of Duty Series, and PUBG gamers. Every maneuver and action springs to life with razor-sharp precision and intricate detail, empowering you to swiftly overpower your adversaries. Lead teammates to victory.


AOC AG256FS introduces groundbreaking technological innovation, enhanced by the Display HDR 400 feature. This dynamic combination delivers realistic, vibrant imagery, boasting a blazing brightness of 400cd/m² and an impressive contrast ratio of 80 Million:1 (DCR). With this display, clarity is your ally. Clearly understand every detail in the game, whether in dark or bright areas. Immerse yourself in a vibrant, lifelike gaming universe, where the ultimate gaming experience awaits.

In addition, DeltaE<2 color accuracy will support accurate, consistent color display, providing a top-notch visual experience, and helping you clearly distinguish enemies and teammates in the game. You will easily recognize enemies hiding in the dark, or important items in the game.

Enhance gaming performance

To eliminate screen tearing and ensure smooth images during all intense action scenes, AOC AG256FS incorporates the Adaptive Sync anti-tearing feature, providing you with a lag-free gaming experience. Focused solely on battle, unperturbed by visual distractions, every gamer seizes victory with ease.

As a dedicated professional gamer, you demand swift and precise execution of every move. Recognizing this, AOC AG256FS incorporates AOC Low Input Lag technology, effectively reducing the delay between input commands and on-screen feedback. With this responsive display, your actions unfold instantaneously.

No more “lag” or “delay” phenomenon causes you to lose your advantage in battle. Each move and action flows seamlessly, granting you the upper hand against adversaries who lag behind. Easily dodge dangerous attacks, launch precise attacks, and defeat enemies quickly.

The brand representative shared: “AOC is a pioneer in display screen technology. For more than 50 years, AOC has brought impressive visual experiences to millions of customers worldwide. Today Today, the company offers a wide selection of monitors for home, office, and gaming in more than 120 countries. AOC is a brand owned by TPV Technology Limited, a manufacturer of computer monitors with 33 % world market share”.

Don’t miss the opportunity to own the ultimate gaming monitor AOC AG256FS – Elevate the game, and conquer every victory. Visit the website today for more detailed information and to order.

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