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CORSAIR® today officially announced a new keyboard model in its famous gaming keyboard product range: K65 PLUS WIRELESS. With its sleek design and essential features, this 75% layout keyboard enhances gaming performance and complements gamers’ style in every match. With K65 PLUS WIRELESS, your fire to conquer the pinnacle of gaming will be aroused and surge through your veins.

Powerful gaming performance

Firstly, powerful gaming performance is now housed in a compact 75% keyboard layout. Its space-saving design optimizes high-speed mouse movements and includes essential arrow and multi-function keys for game control. CORSAIR’s exclusive MLX Red Linear switches are pre-lubricated for a smooth, quiet, and responsive typing experience. This switch supports hot swapping so that you can customize your keyboard with another switch easily depending on your preferences.


Great typing experience without modding

Certainly, K65 PLUS WIRELESS provides a great typing experience without modding. The keyboard features a dual sound damping layer to smooth typing sound while maintaining good key bounce and preserving typing performance. Another key point, It thermally printed PBT keycaps in midnight gray combined with silver motifs easily blend into any system setup.

Connect and play easier

Furthermore, the keyboard supports up to three connections: wired, low latency 2.4GHz wireless for competitive gaming, and Bluetooth® for gamers on tablets, mobile phones, and more. Otherwise, It encrypts all signals with AES and offers up to 266 hours of battery life on a single charge with RGB lighting turned off. Furthermore, the keyboard switches layouts from PC to Mac with a single switch and connects multiple devices seamlessly with just the press of a button.

More vivid with shining RGB LED strips

Besides, the K65 PLUS WIRELESS becomes more vivid with RGB LED strips shining on each key and infinite customization capabilities from CORSAIR iCUE software. With iCUE, users can program macros, map key functions, and synchronize the keyboard’s RGB effects and iCUE Murals profile with the rest of the system, turning their work and gaming spaces into inspiring places.

50% off Holy Panda X DROP switches

Especially, CORSAIR is offering a special discount program to celebrate the launch of the K65 PLUS WIRELESS keyboard. During this promotion on CORSAIR’s website, customers purchasing the DROP Holy Panda X tactile switch will receive a 50% discount on the switch set from DROP.com. Generally, pairing the K65 PLUS WIRELESS with the Holy Panda X switch promises an enhanced gaming and working experience. (However, This program is only for the US market)

Opening time, warranty, and price

The CORSAIR K65 PLUS WIRELESS gaming keyboard is available on the official webstore and through authorized distributors and retailers.
It enjoys a 2-year warranty that includes global customer service and technical support.

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