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The Corsair K95 PLATINUM RGB excels as a gaming keyboard and adapts seamlessly to various other uses. It features Cherry MX Speed linear switches, providing a very low pre-travel distance that makes the keys feel incredibly responsive and quick. You will appreciate its robust build quality and the inclusion of six dedicated macro keys, enhancing your productivity and gaming performance. Additionally, its full RGB lighting and underglow strip add a striking visual element to your desk. However, the ABS keycaps may feel somewhat cheap. Upgrading to the newer Corsair K95 PLATINUM XT model, which includes double-shot PBT caps, offers a superior typing experience.


Key Switches:Cherry® MX Speed
Keyboard Backlighting:RGB
Dimensions:465mm x 171mm x 36mm
Macro Keys:6 dedicated G-keys
Report Rate:Up to 1ms
Matrix:100% anti-ghosting with full key rollover on USB
Keyboard Size:Extended
Media Keys:Six dedicated multimedia keys incl. Volume Up/Down roller
Wrist Rest:Full-length detachable dual-sided with soft-touch finish
CUE Software:Enabled
Cable Type:Braided Fiber

Design and Build Quality

The K95 RGB Platinum retains the familiar shape, design, and aluminum build of its predecessor but introduces significant changes. Notably, it is now much narrower due to reducing the number of macro keys to just six. While some may miss the extra macros, this adjustment means they are now more accessible.

Despite the fewer macro keys, users can still program up to three sets of macros, all stored on the keyboard’s 8MB of built-in memory. This ensures seamless transitions between setups, whether at a friend’s house or a gaming event.


The K95 Platinum features Cherry MX Speed switches, known for their 1.2mm actuation distance and 45g actuation force. These attributes enhance responsiveness, crucial in fast-paced gaming. However, users accustomed to traditional switches may need time to adjust. The keyboard offers full N-key rollover and 100% anti-ghosting, ensuring accurate key registration even during simultaneous key presses. This capability is vital in gaming, where precise inputs determine success or failure.


The K95 Platinum stands out with its customizable RGB backlighting. Each key can be individually lit, synchronized with other Corsair RGB products. A LightEdge strip along the top edge adds extra customization.

Six macro keys on the left side are programmable through Corsair’s iCUE software. This allows gamers to create complex macros and remap keys, especially beneficial for MMO and MOBA gamers. Also, it includes a detachable wrist rest for added comfort during extended use.


Connectivity and Compatibility

The K95 Platinum features a USB pass-through port, providing convenient access for connecting a mouse, headset, or USB drive. This is particularly useful for gamers who need quick access to their peripherals. The keyboard is compatible with both Windows and macOS, although the iCUE software offers more comprehensive features and customization options on Windows​


FeatureCorsair K95 PlatinumCorsair K100 RGBSteelSeries Apex ProCorsair K70 RGB PRO
Key SwitchesCherry® MX SpeedCorsair OPXOmniPoint AdjustableCherry® MX Speed
Dimensions465mm x 171mm x 36mm470mm x 166mm x 38mm436mm x 139mm x 40mm444mm x 166mm x 40mm
Macro Keys6 dedicated G-keys6 dedicated G-keysNo dedicated keysNo dedicated keys
Report RateUp to 1msUp to 1msUp to 1msUp to 1ms
Wrist RestFull-length detachable dual-sided with soft-touch finishDetachableMagnetic wrist restDetachable


Overall, the Corsair K95 RGB Platinum is a high-end keyboard that combines robust construction, versatile features, and excellent performance. It is well-suited for gamers who need a reliable and customizable keyboard and for professionals who can benefit from its advanced functionalities and ergonomic design.

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