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Lenovo Legion Go

Famous for its innovations and continuous improvements to give gamers worldwide a rich product range and outstanding experiences, Lenovo has just added the Legion Go gaming device to the gaming ecosystem and users can add a different gaming option.


Lenovo Legion Go has broken the limits of small screens and low resolution of handheld gaming devices. Legion Go has a beautiful 8.8″ 16:10 ratio QHD+ touch screen, up to 500 nits brightness, and 97% DCI-P3 color gamut, along with a 144Hz refresh rate that ensures sharp images—and smooth experience. Gamers can flexibly customize images according to game type and favorite settings. The 10-point touch screen also supports more natural and intuitive scrolling, tapping, or swiping operations.

Lenovo Legion Go

Gaming is now even more fun with Lenovo Legion Go and its advanced controller. Designed to enhance your gaming experience, Legion Go‘s controller offers precision, versatility, and comfort, allowing you to dominate the game anytime, anywhere. In addition, the controller is also equipped with LED rings surrounding the joystick, notifying the controller’s battery level and you can customize these LED lights through the Legion Space application, freely Setting up your own gaming experience. The gaming experience is also taken to a new level with many different modes to meet a variety of preferences and game types: Handheld Mode, FPS Mode, Battle Station Mode ( Battle Station Mode), and Detachable Mode. Lenovo Legion Go features an additional Hall effect joystick for maximum responsiveness and precision. With minimal dead zones and no joystick drift, every movement is precise, giving you a competitive edge.

Lenovo Legion Go


AMD™ Ryzen Z1 series processors are specifically designed for handheld gaming PCs, helping to realize the dream of playing top titles on mobile devices while ensuring efficient thermal management graphics quality and battery life.

Lenovo Legion Go

Powered by up to AMD Ryzen Z1 Extreme processors with RNDA™ Graphics and intelligent power management technology running on Windows 11, Legion Go has a powerful combination of processing performance and compatible graphics. equivalent to a game console, bringing a smooth, impressive gaming experience to gamers. In addition, Legion Go has LPDDR5X RAM (7500Mhz) up to 16GB with flexible power management features, optimizing gaming performance and shortening load times depending on the scenario, as well as a PCIe Gen4 SSD hard drive. capacities up to 1TB and a micro-SD slot that supports up to 2TB, ensuring you never run out of room for your favorite titles.


All powerful gaming devices require a corresponding power source to operate and Lenovo Legion Go handles this perfectly. The 49.2Wh battery ensures gamers have longer gaming time on a single charge. Legion Go also supports Super Rapid Charge technology, allowing up to 70% battery charging in just half an hour. In plugged-in gaming mode, Legion Go has a Power bypass mode to prevent battery degradation, while avoiding heat generation when charging the battery.

Lenovo Legion‘s Coldfront cooling technology is integrated into the Legion Go, with a 79-blade fan made from liquid crystal polymer that helps cool the device with fan noise below 25dB in Quiet Mode, while still keeping the device cool. Allows the device to reach a maximum TGP of 25W in Custom Mode when power is needed for intense games, while also preventing overheating during long games.

Legion Go’s ColdFront cooling technology helps gamers conquer all intense games


At the heart of the Legion Go experience is Legion Space, an app that brings all your favorite games into one place. This app acts as a hub so you can explore titles from different platforms, view installed games, buy new games, and customize your device settings.

With every Legion Go, you get a free 3-month Xbox Game Pass Ultimate membership with access to hundreds of high-quality games. In addition, with Lenovo ID, you will enjoy special discounts on selected games on the Gamesplanet game store.

With groundbreaking features and innovative design, Lenovo Legion Go is breathing new life into the gaming device market, delivering outstanding performance, flexibility, and connectivity of a gaming handheld.

For more information about the Lenovo Legion Go product line, please visit Lenovo.com

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