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Razer Kishi Ultra

Razer™ has officially launched the Razer Kishi Ultra, a groundbreaking addition to the mobile gaming world. Kishi Ultra, a USB-C game controller compatible with Android, iPhone 15 series, and iPad Mini. It marks a transformation in mobile gaming by providing players with console-class control and tactile feedback technology. lively feeling. The Kishi Ultra is a full-size console-standard controller with an ergonomic design, haptic feedback, and Razer Chroma™ RGB lighting for an authentic console gaming experience.

“With the Razer Kishi Ultra, we’re not just elevating mobile gaming; We are transforming it. We’ve taken the best of console gaming and put it into a design that’s compatible with more devices than ever before, ensuring the ultimate gaming experience is always within reach.”

Mr. Nick Bourne, Head of Mobile Devices, Console and Streaming at Razer.

Entering the Elite Era of Mobile Games

The Razer Kishi Ultra combines high-end console power with essential portability for a new era of mobile gaming. Kishi Ultra delivers console-quality gaming on iPhone 15, iPad Mini, and 8-inch Android tablets.

Console Controls in a Breakthrough Design

Kishi Ultra’s unique handle and full-size button layout offer ergonomic, professional-grade gameplay. It enhances the gaming experience on devices like the iPad Mini, transforming them into powerful gaming consoles. In addition, Kishi Ultra also allows playing games on a PC via a wired connection.

Professional Grade Handle Delivers Ultimate Performance

With Razer’s 15 years of experience in creating esports-grade console controllers, Kishi Ultra brings:

  • 8-way D-pad and exclusive ABXY Mecha-tactile buttons for excellent responsiveness and comfort.
  • Console-sized Hall Effect levers for analog precision.
  • Professional full-size joysticks with anti-slip rings and TPSiV medical rubber surface for lasting quality.
  • The L4/R4 multi-function buttons are programmable for custom control settings, delivering a gaming experience that’s only been available on PCs and consoles.

Extensive Compatibility and Smooth Gaming

The Kishi Ultra surpasses all boundaries of mobile gaming:

  • PC and iPad Mini compatibility: Kishi Ultra extends versatility beyond mobile devices, providing a direct USB-C connection to a PC or iPad with low latency, supporting vibration for haptic feedback on a PC, and experiencing sound via a 3.5mm jack. This ensures that Kishi Ultra is not just a mobile game controller, but also a comprehensive gaming platform compatible with many devices.
  • Case compatibility: Innovative USB-C “island” design adds depth to ensure compatibility with most popular phone cases, including genuine Apple cases for the largest iPhone models, eliminating the hassle of removing the case to play games.

Powered by Razer Nexus and Chroma RGB

Additionally, the controller is supported by the subscription-free Razer Nexus app, providing access to thousands of controller-compatible games on iOS and Android. The app allows gamers to launch games, customize controls, and easily record and share gameplay. With the launch of Virtual Controller Mode* for Android devices, Kishi Ultra adds controller compatibility with many top mobile titles, further enhancing the gaming experience.

Complete with customizable Razer Chroma RGB lighting, Kishi Ultra allows players to extend gaming corner lighting settings to the controller, enhancing the gaming experience and transforming the combat environment. It becomes brilliant and bold with Razer.

Razer Sensa HD Haptics Technology: Feel the Game

Kishi Ultra is the first commercial device to feature the new Razer™ Sensa HD Haptics* technology. Together with Razer Chroma RGB, this technology enables multi-sensory gaming experiences that are more realistic, detailed, and nuanced than the vibrations of traditional console controllers. This is thanks to patent-pending, high-bandwidth high-definition haptic feedback technology. With two haptic coils in each grip, Kishi Ultra delivers a lifelike, omnidirectional vibration experience that surpasses traditional console controllers.

With the support of the Interhaptics SDK, game developers can create unique tactile experiences on updated games or new titles. Meanwhile, existing PC and Android games will get a new dimension with technology that converts sound into vibrating motion. Combined with Chroma RGB lighting, this innovation sets a new standard for vibrancy and realism for mobile gaming experiences.

*Requires Android 12 (or higher) or Windows 11; Currently not supported on iOS or iPad OS.

Introducing the Razer Kishi V2 USB C

Along with Kishi Ultra, Razer announced an update to the Kishi V2 product line with the new Razer Kishi V2 USB-C for iPhone 15 series and Android, supporting gaming on PC and iPad via wired connection. This upgrade confirms that this is a highly compatible and extremely flexible mobile game controller with microswitch buttons, analog sticks, and programmable macro buttons, all optimized for gaming with Extremely low latency and the ability to charge directly to the device (passthrough).

For more information about the Razer Kishi V2 USB-C, please visit Razer.com.

The Razer Kishi Ultra represents the pinnacle of mobile gaming technology, combining the power and precision of console gaming with the versatility of mobile gaming. With the Kishi Ultra and Kishi V2 USB-C, Razer continues to lead the way in gaming innovation, providing gamers with the tools they need to win, anytime, anywhere.

For more information about the RAZER KISHI ULTRA, please visit Razer.com.

For more information about the Razer Kishi V2 for Mobile product line, please visit Razer.com.

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