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Black Myth: Wukong

Chinese game developer – Game Science has announced that the standard PC version of Black Myth: Wukong will launch in China on August 26 for only $38 instead of the $70 price like other titles. Other Western AAA.

Based on the classic Chinese story Journey to the West, this highly anticipated action title is considered by many to have the potential to become the first AAA title from a Chinese developer.

According to information on the game’s site, this price has received a generally positive response from Chinese gamers on social media, with some even suggesting that the game appears to be underpriced. Judging by comments on Chinese social media, most players in China hope the game will become a huge commercial success.

Appeared for the First Time

For those who don’t know, first introduced in August 2020 in the form of an introductory demo video, Black Myth: Wukong, an action game set in the setting of the Great Saint of Qi Tian – Sun Wukong comes from a A small Chinese game developer named Game Science Studios has immediately become the focus of the international gaming community in general and Vietnam in particular. When the trailer of Black Myth: Wukong quickly spread on the internet, attracting 10 million views on Chinese video site BillBill and attracting a large number of interested gamers globally.

The reveal trailer showed how promising and excellent a game Black Myth: Wukong is, impressive visuals, smooth combat, and other interesting gameplay mechanics have made the gaming community buzz in the past few days.

Black Myth: Wukong


Specifically, the latest trailer of Black Myth: Wukong shows real-time gameplay in Unreal Engine 5 graphics technology, and confirms that the game will support NVIDIA’s DLSS technology. Right from the start of the trailer, the game’s visual style, environments, and character designs all look impressive. Sun Wukong is shown extremely vividly and beautifully when fighting a giant white dragon.

The second boss fight takes place on a frozen lake and is spectacular in its own right. Sun Wukong uses more of his special abilities to dodge the giant white dragon’s various attacks, while also dealing a lot of damage to his enemies. Black Myth: Wukong has already shown gamers some impressive boss fights and this new trailer will add to the hype and excitement surrounding the game.

Thanks to the use of advanced Unreal Engine 5 graphics technology, has allowed developer Game Science to utilize all the improvements Epic has made to the Engine since its launch. Specifically, the ability to create realistic environments with higher fidelity, ray-traced lighting, and shading. Sun Wukong already looks impressive, but the move to a next-gen engine will certainly open up more possibilities for Game Science in completing this title.

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