ASUS ROG Ally X: Double battery, 24GB RAM, more effective heat dissipation

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Following the reveal of the new ROG Ally handheld gaming device last month, Asus has finally officially introduced the successor at Computex 2024. ROG Ally X brings significant improvements in battery capacity, RAM, storage and many other features.


The most noticeable difference compared to the first version is that ROG Ally X has a black shell instead of white. However, the most important upgrades are on the inside ROG Ally

One of the limitations of the ROG Ally is its battery life. Asus has overcome this problem by equipping ROG Ally X with an 80Wh battery, double the 40Wh of its predecessor. In addition, the device also has an additional ventilation hole, which helps improve heat dissipation. According to Asus, the operating temperature of the device will decrease by up to 6 degrees Celsius.


In terms of configuration, It uses the Windows 11 operating system, the same AMD Z1 Extreme processor as its predecessor and the RDNA 3 AMD Radeon graphics card. The 7-inch LCD screen retains the maximum resolution of 1080p and 120Hz refresh rate, supporting AMD FreeSync Premium technology.

As can be seen, ROG Ally X is not a completely new version but a strong upgrade from the original design. Asus has previously mentioned that it will develop a completely new version of ROG Ally with outstanding performance, promising to compete directly with other handheld gaming devices from Valve, MSI and Lenovo.


Asus ROG Ally X is now available for pre-order with a retail price of 799.99 USD in US. You can pre-order product via the website of Asus here.

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