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MSI Claw

The handheld gaming PC market is becoming increasingly vibrant with the presence of big names, thanks to which this product segment (which was not popular before) is now becoming more accessible to common users. pine. For modern and active gamers, having fun with your favorite games is now easier than ever when you can explore the virtual world anywhere. As the world’s leading brand in gaming, of course, MSI cannot ignore this trend. The company continues to show its level of understanding with gamers when it launches a new handheld game console model – MSI Claw.

Meticulously designed through anthropometric studies, combined with the exclusive Cooler Boost HyperFlow heatsink, super large 53WHr battery, and 65W fast charger – this model promises to deliver hours of playtime—the most comfortable continuous game. Most importantly, MSI Claw is the first model on the market equipped with an Intel Core Ultra processor. The product is ready to reach global users.

MSI Claw

With a minimalist and practical design, the Claw still retains MSI’s unique identity, helping users easily identify among countless products on the market. In addition, the device’s design is also ergonomic, sticking close to the palm to provide a comfortable, convenient, and accurate grip for all palm sizes. The weight of the components is also properly distributed, allowing extremely comfortable use for long periods.

Additionally, the analog stick and ABXY button cluster both have RGB border lights surrounding them to create a game-like environment. The trigger button and analog stick are both Hall Effect types, allowing for a significantly longer lifespan by limiting physical contact during use.

MSI Claw is integrated with Cooler Boost HyperFlow cooling technology, using two fans and two heat pipes. This groundbreaking design helps direct airflow to cool all internal components, keeping the device cool so users can play games longer. The device is equipped with the latest generation Intel Core Ultra processor, along with XeSS technology to enhance the gaming experience, currently supported on more than 50 AAA games. Thanks to that, gamers will have a great experience on a portable handheld device.

MSI Claw also has MSI Center M software specifically designed for the most convenient use. This software provides many features for users to explore, including a simple game browsing interface, AI Engine & User scenario mode that allows performance customization, Macro button settings, and many more useful utilities. another.

The point that makes this device different is its battery life. MSI Claw is equipped with a 53WHr battery, allowing 2 hours of continuous operation. Good power efficiency combined with impressive performance helps gamers play longer, charging less.

Finally, it is impossible not to mention the App Player software. Thanks to it, MSI Claw has the richest game store among today’s handheld game consoles, being able to play both games designed for Windows and Android, meeting all users’ entertainment needs.

When purchasing the Claw, customers will receive a special gift set from MSI. This includes the game “Skull and Bones,” 7 days of Ubisoft+ and 1 month of Xbox Game Pass completely free. Thanks to that, after opening the newly purchased Claw, gamers can immediately enjoy top games such as Resident Evil 2, Assassin’s Creed, Call of Duty, etc.

MSI Claw

More detailed specifications can be found at MSI Claw A1M – Grip and Game.

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